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Selected Papers (pdf files or weblinks)


Carl Shapiro and Keith Waehrer (2023) "Using and Misusing Microeconomics: Federal Trade Commission vs. Qualcomm." Forthcoming in Antitrust Economics at a Time of Upheaval: Competition Policy Cases on Two Continents, John Kwoka, Tommaso Valletti, and Lawrence White, eds.


Keith Waehrer (2022) "Is Loss of Privacy the Price that Consumers Pay for Otherwise Free Online Services?" CPI Antitrust Chronicle Special Edition, January 2022.

* Keith Waehrer (2021) "Modeling the effects of mergers in procurement: Comment."


Nitin Dua and Keith Waehrer (2021) "Three things you might not have known about the Sprint/T-Mobile merger litigation." Antitrust Chronical, January 1(2): 24-31.

* Nicholas Hill and Keith Waehrer (2019) "Is 5-to-4 the New 4-to-3? A View from the United States." Competition Law and Policy Debate 5(2):50-54.
* Keith Waehrer (2019) "Pass-Through of Cost Reductions in Open Auction Markets with Application to Merger Effects."
* Xiaowei Yu and Keith Waehrer (2019) "Recursive Nash-in-Nash Bargain Solution."
* Keith Waehrer (2018) "Online services and the analysis of competitive merger effects in privacy protections and other quality dimensions."
* Leslie M. Marx and Keith Waehrer (2018) "A Tussle over Royalties: Pandora v. ASCAP, Pandora v. BMI, and the DOJ's Consent Decree Review (2016)." In John E. Kwoka, Jr. and Lawrence J. White (eds.), The Antitrust Revolution: Economics, Competition, and Policy, 7th Edition, Oxford University Press.
* Pauline Kennedy, Minjae Song, Daniel P. O'Brien, and Keith Waehrer (2017) "The Competitive Effects of Common Ownership: Economic Foundations and Empirical Evidence."
* Daniel P. O'Brien and Keith Waehrer (2017) "The Competitive Effects of Common Ownership: We Know Less Than We Think." Antitrust Law Journal 81(3):729-776.
* Gregory S. Crawford, Nicola Tosini, and Keith Waehrer (2011) "The Impact of `Rollover' Contracts on Switching Costs in the UK Voice Market: Evidence from Disaggregate Customer Billing Data."
* Keith Waehrer (2007) "A Primer on the Competitive Effects of Mergers in Auction and Bidding Markets." ABA Antitrust Section Economics Committee Newsletter 7(1):10-13.
* Patrick Greenlee and Keith Waehrer (2004) "The Effect of Profit Sharing on Auction Markets."
* Keith Waehrer (2004) "Mechanisms for Dividing Labor and Sharing Revenue in Joint Ventures." Review of Economic Design 8(4):465-477.
* Keith Waehrer and Martin K. Perry (2003) "The Effects of Mergers in Open Auction Markets." Rand Journal of Economics 34(2):287-304.
* Keith Waehrer (2003) "Hazardous Facility Siting when Cost Information is Private: An Application of Multidimensional Mechanism Design." Journal of Public Economic Theory 5(4):605-622.
* Keith Waehrer (1999) "The Ratchet Effect and Bargaining Power in a Two-Stage Model of Competitive Bidding." Economic Theory 13:171-181.
* Keith Waehrer (1999) "Asymmetric Auctions With Application to Joint Bidding and Mergers." International Journal of Industrial Organization 17:437-452.
* Keith Waehrer, Ronald M. Harstad, and Michael H. Rothkopf (1998) "Auction Form Preferences of Risk-averse Bidtakers." Rand Journal of Economics 29:179-192.
* Ronald M. Harstad, Michael H. Rothkopf, and Keith Waehrer (1996) "Efficiency in Auctions When Bidders Have Private Information about Competitors." In Michael R. Baye (ed.), Advances in Applied Microeconomics, Volume 6, Greenwich: Jai Press, pp. 1-13.
* Keith Waehrer (1995) " A Model of Auction Contracts with Liquidated Damages." Journal of Economic Theory 67:531-555.

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